Grandome's Geninune Labor of Craftsmanship for Louis Vuitton

Written by Kezia Indira - September 14, 2023

Louis Vuitton opened much fanfare in Jakarta with its latest ‘Exotic Leather’ exhibition showcasing the brand’s treasured creations alongside Objets Nomades—a collection of travel–inspired furniture and objects.

Showcasing the labor of intriguing craftsmanship is part of the House’s heritage, and to pay homage to its made–to–order collection, Louis Vuitton turned Comte Manoir Residence, a Parisian-styled apartment in the heart of South Jakarta, into the Maison’s private salons whose scenography was inspired by the shallow waters of Madeira Island in Portugal.

This French House’s upmarket fashion was held in a private appointment and brought on renowned interior designers, including Franklin Gharbi—the designer for Grandome, to actualize the Brand’s creative imagination of functional yet aesthetic home interiors into the salon space.

Grandome was thrilled to dress up the Male Salon, Private Salon 1 and 2 with craftsmanship–built furniture. Coinciding with the ‘Exotic Leather’ exhibition, the guests experienced the first–hand exposure to Louis Vuittion’s latest creations, including exotic leather goods, hard–sided travel trunks, and limited–edition Objets Nomades. Touring the three salons, the private clients squealed with delight when sensing layered luxe throughout the salon ambiance that is the very celebration of Louis Vuitton.

Read on to enter the world of Louis Vuitton crafted by our designer, Franklin Gharbi.


Male Salon

Stepping inside the Male Salon in the Versailles area, the white wall moldings became the classic landscape where Louis Vuittion’s classic travel trunks made an appearance with Grandome’s upholstered creations and side tables. 

For the Male Salon, Franklin Gharbi complemented the white scenery with rounded, white–hued upholstered furniture that adorned the Men’s sitting room with touches of feminine romance. The Cordoba Sofa, Lille Accent Chairs, and Pau Ottomans were selected creations circling the exploration coffee table trunk. Meanwhile, the Cetus Side Table Collection featuring a cream marble atop a conical pedestal elegantly displayed Louis Vuitton’s exotic, petite leather creation. Grandome’s artisanal pieces for showcasing the House’s special–made collection gave the guest inspiration for functional–yet–aesthetic home decorations.

Private Salon 1 and 2

Set on the third floor of the Versailles area, the Private Salon 1 and 2 brought the guests into the complex-yet-fascinating craftsmanship world of Louis Vuitton. The home decorations for these two salons were Grandome’s labor of genuine craftsmanship—a tribute—to the Maison’s savoir–faire heritage.

To pay homage to the Brand’s coveted luggage of the past, Franklin Gharbi paired Louis Vuitton’s iconic travel trunk with the Angers and Cetus Collections. Why not bring the reminiscence of Art Deco’s glorious past but with a modern twist into Louis Vuitton’s world? The wide, curved silhouettes, lacquered–gold finishings, and tufting detailing evoke an old–school feel that is timeless. In these two salons, the House’s iconic lanterns and hard–sided trunks were creatively displayed in the classy old–school ambiance where the guests got the first–hand exposure to see, touch, feel, admire, get inspired, and purchase their beloved pieces.


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