94.49″ (240 cm.) Long Dining Table Indus

Length: 240cm, Width: 120cm, Height: 77cm
Estimated Time of Arrival 09 February 2024

Indus 94.49″ (240 cm.) Long Dining Table

Functionality and aesthetics at its best, our Indus Dining Table flaunts its ebony–veneered tabletop with a marble inset that aesthetically displays mosaic parquetry. As a craftsmanship–built piece, this wooden table features solid mahogany frames to offer robust functionality. The surface showcases a smooth and glossy ebony finish that evokes the wood's natural warm tones. The Indus Dining Table Collection is a true reflection of the perfect balance between practicality and stylish design.


  • The Indus tabletop features a combination of square marble inside mosaic marquetry.
  • Tabletop frames are crafted from engineered wood and use rectangular aluminum sheets to precisely align the adjoint base component and prevent lateral movement. The frame construction features biscuit joinery, reinforced with glue for added stability and sturdiness.
  • Four legs are made of solid mahogany frames and engineered wood. The legs are coated with an ebony finish.
  • Champagne–gold aluminum sheets wrap around the upper and lower parts of the legs.
  • Nylon slider glides are fixed to the legs for easy moving around and preventing scratches over floors.
  • The gray marble thickness is 20 mm. (0.79 inches).
  • The parquet veneer thickness is 0.6 mm. (0.024 inches).
  • The total tabletop thickness is 48 mm. (1.89 inches).
  • The Indus 94.49″ (240 cm.) Long Dining Table weighs 112 kg (246.92 lb.).

Dimensions :

Length: 240cm
Width: 120cm
Height: 77cm

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