Scorpio Walnut Side Table

Inspired by the Greco–Roman touch of fluted detailing, our Scorpio Side Table Collection refines this grooved furniture style to a more contemporary and sleek look. This piece displays a polished marble tabletop resting on pedestal bases, accented by fluted detailing. The clean–line marble silhouette, artfully handcrafted mindi–built pedestal base, smooth, white finishing, and lacquered–gold plinth base are the labor of genuine craftsmanship.


  • The Scorpio Side Table Collection features a polished marble tabletop.
  • Table frames are crafted from solid mahogany and engineered wood, reinforced with lap, biscuit, and corner–block joinery.
  • The pedestal base uses mindi wood panels, displaying fluted detailing.
  • Aluminum sheets in a lacquered gold finish wrap around plinth bases.
  • Nylon glides are fixed to the plinth bases for easy moving around and preventing scratches over the floor.
  • The Scorpio tabletop thickness is 1.8 cm. (0.71 inches).
  • The Scorpio Side Table weighs circa 12 kg. ( 26.46 lb.)

Dimensions :

Length: 50cm
Height: 45cm
Width: 50cm

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