Barbicore Makes Living Space Fantastic

Written by Kezia Indira - October 02, 2023

The Barbie movie has sparked Barbicore’s aesthetics, from fashion trends to interior design. Unapologetic femininity celebrated by Barbiecore brings a splash of whimsy and pizzazz to every living space. Read on to discover that it’s fantastic to create your Barbicore world.

The buzz around Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film has made its way into the realm of home furnishings, with Barbiecore splashing the hottest trend in interior style. Barbiecore aesthetic is not merely about decorating all over living space with the color pink, but it also pays homage to retro design, vibrant hues, and bold patterns as well as accents. Explore our collections to have so much fun in Barbie's whimsical world!

A Dash of Glam and Glitz. 

Be daring with accents and patterns to infuse your living space with Barbicore’s aesthetics. Floral wallpaper and our Hydra Window Mirror with intricate frames are all about splashing feminine flair that is the heart of Barbiecore styling.

The nostalgic past of Barbie as an iconic doll inspires Barbiecore, making it pay tribute to the vintage–inspired furniture designs like a contemporary take on Mid–century style. Curvaceous shapes, ornate lines, and metallic accents like lacquered gold or brass are nostalgic finishes that transport us back to the 1960s when this Mattel’s iconic doll shared a golden age with a Mid–century take on modern design. 

Our Udine’s curvy silhouette in dusty pink fabrics is unapologetically feminine, and it vibrantly sparks an uplifting aesthetic. A dash of glam and glitz completes Barbicore's design. All that being said, our Udine Swivel Chair and Leo Coffee Table embrace lacquered–gold embellishments to immerse in dazzling glam allure. While the Udine’s folded-seam accents are a nod to the Mid-century style, Leo’s marble–lous tabletop stays true to an opulent aesthetic. 

Unapologetically Feminine Allure.

There are a lot of ways to elevate the Barbicore aesthetics. For inspiration, look no further than our Capri Collection. The gracefully curvy proportions and delicate comfort are emblematic of feminine allure immersing in our Capri Sofas and Accent Chairs. These upholstered pieces are a reminder to unabashedly express feminine fantasy in your home’s infinite canvas.

Having So Much Fun in a Whimsical World!

Barbicore is about being playful in expressing your style, not taking everything too seriously, and being bold to embrace furnishings that exude pizzazz and make us joyful. For you, interior lovers, we have home decorations that capture the essence of Barbicore whimsy.

Consider our Udine Swivel Chair to have a lot more fun with any cozy position in any unusual proportion you wish. Sitting on a 360–degree swivel base, the Udine Swivel Chair rotates smoothly adjusting to your moves. Nothing makes your style flutter quite like our Udine’s Swivel.


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