Bring the Creativity of Wood Dragon. Bring Happiness to Your Living Space.

Written by Kezia Indira - January 29, 2024

I am the force of creativity. 
I honor the dedication to craft and the art of detailing.
I am generous nature.
I create a sanctuary of endless comfort and timeless style.
My presence brings serenity.
I harness the goodness of nature.
To bring goodness into your living
I am the Wood Dragon.


Welcome the year of the wood dragon, embrace our precious wood collections that match the honor of genuine craft and the beauty of natural materials.

The Capricorn Collection

The Capricorn Dining Table and Sideboard crafted of precious mahogany hardwood in a dark gray finish. The Capricorn Collection showcases the beauty of flower motifs and raised grain effects from sandblast techniques.

The Ottoman Collection





Infinite and multi-functional. The best choice for versatile furniture.

Beyond being chic accents, the Como, Lille, and Pumpkin are versatile upholstered pieces for a plush footrest, a snug reading nook, or a padded surface for essentials.

Crafted from hardwood-built frames, dense polyurethane padding, tactile fabric envelopes, and exquisite accents, our ottomans are truly a choice for versatility with style—a wise investment, forever. 

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