Creating Drama with Victorian Flair

Written by Kezia Indira - September 14, 2023

Add a little more Victorian flair to your life, and embrace an aesthetically comfortable space where you can retreat. The Victorian interior style’s distinctive characteristics make it seamlessly blend with other styles, contributing to its stronghold in the home interior design over the decades. Read on to discover how to emulate the modern take on Victorian opulence in your space.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Romantic home decor celebrates feminine touches of curvaceous silhouettes, floral patterns, pastel-toned fabrics, and brass shimmers. Curved silhouettes evoke comfort and intimacy, and our Udine Accent Chair adds a touch of curved comfort for you to lounge around and adorn your living space with a modern romanticism. 

The Udine’s curvy, ornate, dusty pink silhouettes wrapped in plush upholstery make it the fairest romantic accent chair that will adorn your living room with feminine comfort. The Udine’s warm, light pastel-toned upholstery softens the tense ambiance and makes it relaxed, while its brass plinth base is a small dose of masculine accents to well balance the feminine elements.  

A bit of masculine adornment, like our Leo Coffee Table, maintains balanced harmony in your space. Have no worries to lean toward the masculine sides. Leo's clean-line marble tabletop, resting on sleek, straight, sturdy metal legs with a subtle shimmer, is just a perfect amount of masculinity to tame the ornate femininity. 

Mirroring exaggerates feminine shapes and keeps everything in ideal proportions. Our Hydra Window Mirror revives feminine craftsmanship through its reeded moldings that frame the window-shaped mirror, while its grey-toned finishing adorns the living space with a natural hue.

More Masculine Drama, Please!

Incorporating masculine elements will exaggerate the harmony between feminine and masculine sides in your living atmosphere. In turn, a quiet amount of masculinity can add rich, dramatic touches, resulting in magnificent interior decorations that create drama and thrill for you and your guests.

Our Denali Dining Table resonates with masculine elements through its architectural masonry marble pedestals that robustly support the rectangular beveled glass tabletop. These details bring the extravagance of the High Medieval Age to your dining room. To accentuate the Victorian setting in your dining room, candle holders hold the essence, and our antique brass candlesticks illuminate the romantic, scenic ambiance. Pull a seat, have a chair, and let your guest be thrilled by the drama.

Enchanting Royal Look, Oh My!

The Victorian style remains beloved, as its exuberant ornamented details are still relevant to modern aesthetic design. Dressing your space up with the Victorian aesthetic can be as fun as opting for upholstered pieces that create a sense of drama. 

Our Cordoba Collection, flaunting it plus upholstery, complemented by blind diamond tufted ornaments, delights the eyes with a dramatic Victorian flair. This collection resonates with the lavishly ornamented Victorian style, creating a royal look. Sink your body into the Cordoba’s curvaceous plush silhouettes, feel its comforting touches against your skin, and no drama please—just relax and enjoy its nooks and crannies.

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