Dressing Up Dining Space with the Denali's Crystalline Glass Tabletop Resting on Marble-louse Pedestals

Written by Kezia Indira - October 02, 2023

Meticulously crafted by Indonesian artisans, our dining collections showcase an eclectic interior design, artfully combining marble, glasses, wood, and dramatic upholstery.

Read on to find the collection that fashionably adds a magical touch–up to your dining space.

Stylish Feast.

Serve your homemade delicacies on our Denali Dining Table; indulge your guests with a stylish dining interior. Pair the Denali’s remarkable harmony of glass top and marble with low curvaceous silhouettes of Hove Dining Chairs. The feast is served. Pull up a chair, have a seat, and enjoy!

A Good Fusion of Wood.

Combining a wooden table with upholstered chairs is a good idea to create a modern take on a classy elegance. Our cut–back Charleroi Dining Chairs are stylishly matched with the Octan Dining Table. The neutral hues of wooden collections give off a fusion of contemporary and vintage vibes.

Go Big for Armless Chairs.

Should dining tables and chairs be perfectly paired? Absolutely yes! Should dining chairs have armrests? Not necessarily! Why not carefully incorporate different elements to create a graceful dining space. Denali’s beveled clear rectangular glass table top, sitting on solid marble bases, sophisticatedly balances Reims’ wingback silhouettes. A stylish dining space that brings the perfect union of materials: Dare to go for it. 

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