Epic Collections for Your Living Space Setup

Written by Kezia Indira - October 02, 2023

A living room is an infinite canvas where you can define your style and cherish every memory. Read on to discover a little magic for a stunning assortment of living room setup.

Nimes Collection

Upholstered ‘D’ rolls forming horizontal backrests bring a spectacular touch to a living space. Pair our Nimes Collection of plush upholstered sofas and accent chairs, covered in natural color pallet fabrics, with nesting coffee tables and an abstract area rug for a modern take on spectacular details.


Lille Collection

Curved sofas and rounded accent pieces emanate the air of romance and whimsy in any living ambiance. While dressing up your space with the curvaceous silhouettes of a Lille 3–Seater Sofa and Swivel Chairs in vibrant velvet, infuse your room with natural shine by incorporating home furnishings like a walnut–veneered coffee tabletop with luminous bases and a gray–colored rug.

Angers Collection

Attention to ornate details perfects the creation of luxury home furnishings. The pleated accents are an old–school style that imparts luxuriously intricate detail. Our Angers 3–Seater Sofa and Swivel Chairs offers sumptuous lounging with artistic attention to backrests, exquisitely adorned with pleated seams. Combining these plush upholstered pieces with a polished marble coffee table will exude a sense of luxury into your living space.

Muriel Collection

Inspired by the Roaring Twenties glamor, our Muriel Sofas feature strong geometric silhouettes, metallic frames, and decorative tufted accents. A nod to such an extroverted aesthetic. In this modern Art Deco–inspired living room, the Muriel Collection shares space with gleaming gold nesting tables and a sideboard with brass–plated stainless steel. While the round, gold–accent table lamps radiate warm, yellowish light, exaggerating vintage vibes, the black wallpaper, complemented with vertical gold strips, stabilizes the glamorous gold details.

Metz Collection

Contrasting color lovers, dare to be. Using soft pops of colors like eggshell and  emerald green create a pop of color that is pleasure to look at. The juxtaposition of our Metz 3–Seater Sofa against blind diamond tufted  aesthetic of Mantes Swivel Chairs elevates an air of tranquil glamor.

Pavia Collection

Bring the reminiscence of modern Italian design into your living space. Incorporate our Pavia Sofa into your living room, and let its geometric silhouettes and plush settee, resting atop brassed–gold legs, boldly state modern Italian design. In this living space, the Pavia Sofa is paired with Lille Swivel Chairs, gold–furnished decorative tables, and a crystal chandelier. Together, they fill the space with the layered elegance of Italian home decor.

Damascus Collection

Swivel chairs are convenient seats in any living space. Our Damascus Swivel Chairs, upholstered in yellow velvet fabrics, are ideal options for relaxing, thanks to the 360–degree swivel base allowing easy maneuvering. In the picture, the Damascus Swivel Chairs share the space with the Damascus 3–Seater Sofa and Rouen Ottomans.

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