Headboard Beds, in a Word: Yes!

Written by Kezia Indira - October 02, 2023

Good Sleep, Good Mood.

A right–picked bed is key to your restful sleep and naps. So, if you are anything like us, sleeping well is important to a happy day and quality life, a headboard bed can be your jam.

With a padded headboard wrapped in breathable fabric, an upholstered bed offers an inviting and warm retreat for a peaceful sleep. Not to mention, the plush headboard gives a soft–yet–supportive backrest to lean against while reading your favorite books or watching a movie. 

Seriously Stylish.

Headboard beds come in myriad styles, from grand and dramatic flair to rich tufted detailing or stitching. You only need to opt for the style that serves and suits your taste. 

To infuse your bedroom with grand and dramatic appeal, opt for a wingback or shelter–platform headboard, adorned with channel–tufted seams and encased with mahogany–built frames. This choice works best to create grand hotel vibes.

But if you wish to bring Mid–century modern style to your bed space, sure you can go for generously padded headboards with diamond or biscuit tufted accents, why not? That will be something more than stunning.

When it comes to selecting the most–suitable fabric to envelope the headboards, that’s where things get exciting. Don’t hesitate to opt for velvet fabrics  for a high–end luxurious look in your bedroom. 

Featuring plush, high–profile, sheltered headboard adorned with vertical–tufted detailing and encased in wooden frames, our Gershwin Collection is a modern take on Mid–century style. This is the bed to go for if you long for something that is grand, high–end, and comfortable! 

But dare to take a regal profile and make it classy with synthetic fabrics in natural–toned hues! Synthetic fabrics are soft, perfect for wrapping the headboard, and undoubtedly exquisite on a tufted headboard. What's more, these fabrics are resistant to most stains and easy to clean. So if you’re a bit hesitant to give a little care for your bed—no judgments here—why not go for fabrics that are 100% polyester. 


Beyond Comfort.

Our Dorado shows off its plush upholstered headboard hand–sewn in brown tulip fabric that is 100% polyester. The artisan–crafted finishes of soft–and–striking headboard, blind biscuit stitching, and hand–applied walnut veneers make this contemporary take sumptuous in appearance and cozy to the touch.

Go for this bed if you wish for a craftsman–built piece that is classy, and minimalist, but still stylish. Sure, this bed can work best in any bed space interior without overpowering other furnishing choices.

Final thoughts on upholstered bed frames, speaking of fabric, velvet is a go–to material, but the synthetic fabric is an affordable luxury you can consider. Both are stunning on plush tufted headboards. Importantly, an upholstered bed with an artisan–crafted headboard is something that you should consider buying right away because of how comfortable it is to lean and lay back on the bed’s headboard and how grand it will anchor your bedroom.


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