How to Live A–List Lifestyle

Written by Kezia Indira - October 02, 2023

Loved by famous and fabulous names—Melaney Ricardo, Ayu Dewi, Sabai Dieter Morscheck, Patricia Gouw, Herodion Saveleo, and Nazira C. Noer, to name a few—Grandome wins the hearts of these artists and has a special place in their home sweet home.

Read on to figure out our collection that is special to them and to achieve the A–List lifestyle!


Cozy, Posh in Any Position.


Our upholstered collections are crafted for comfort– and style–conscious, and everyone has a favorite sofa or chair that gives a sink–into feel. For that inviting comfort, our technical artistry devotes thoughtful labor for sturdy frames, flexible webbing, plush cushioning, unlimited fabrics, and upholstery detailing—tufting, stitching, and seaming.


Our assortment of upholstered creations is beloved by some stars for different reasons. Melaney Ricardo fell in love with the Bergamo because of its low–profile silhouettes, blind biscuittufted detailing, and natural–toned color, while the Limoges Sofa was a favorite to Ayu Dewi owing to its vibrant–colored upholstery that adorns her house with cheerful comfort.


Chic Ottomans.

Versatile purposes define what an ottoman can serve. It can function as extra seating, a footrest, or even a decorative accent to any room. Sabai Dieter Morscheck opted for the Adler Ottoman owing to its modern take on classic Mid–century style. The plush upholstery in burgundy, blind diamond–tufted detailing, and the lacquered–gold plinth base are the features that are pleasing to Sabai’s eyes.


Rock Your Body Smoothly Side to Side.

Swivel chairs make lounging around more fun because these types of furniture smoothly move from side to side, allowing an amazing seating experience. Our swivel chairs are favorite among customers for some reasons. The first main reason is the built–in 360-degree directional movement, allowing the swivel chairs to glide from left to right seamlessly, making them a perfect choice for having conversations in a casual, intimate, and relaxing setting. They are further a smart option for helping move over to bookcases, paperwork, or file cabinets. Indeed, they can be a shooting cradle to put your little one to sleep, if you are still wondering what another versatile purpose it can serve.



In this post, our Nimes Swivel Chairs leave special marks in the hearts of Patricia Gouw and Herodion Saveleo. The Nimes’ plush cushion, curved silhouette, and D–rolls tufted detailing make this swivel creation look cozy and spectacular to these two IG celebrities.


Go Big for Modular Sofas.

A modular sofa is a piece of upholstered furniture consisting of several modules that can be freely combined in such a way as to create an L–shaped arrangement, a U–shaped arrangement, a chaise lounge, or a unique shape you can creatively create. Be creative and playful with the modules. If no rule is your rule, combine the modules in a way you want to. 


In the picture above, Nazira C. Noe, an entrepreneur, opted for the Ucria Modular Sofa to create a creative leisure arrangement in her home. She reasoned that it is easy to configure the Ucria Modular Sofa to the shape that suits her space and even much easier to treasure it.


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