Let There Be Timeless Elegance, Let It Be the Octans and Charleroi Collections

Written by Kezia Indira - January 16, 2024

Precious Hardwood. Luxurious Exotica.

Looking to elevate the tablescape in your dining room? Choose the Octans Collection of dining tables, sideboards, and console tables. Crafted of precious mahogany hardwood, these furniture pieces have an attractive visual exotica of deep reddish–brown hues, ornate grain patterns, and honeyed accents, giving off luxuriant loveliness. Fortunately, these mahogany–built furnishings also give you incredible longevity. With proper care, the Octans Collection will keep its luster and durability, providing longer–lasting luxury.

The Art of Detailing—Details Matters.

The Octans Dining Table and Charleroi Dining Chairs bring out the deep–reddish hues, pleasant tactile sensations, and intricate grain patterns of tropical mahogany. The natural robustness and lightweight nature of mahogany, matched with impeccable craftsmanship, define these two dining collections. We notice how elements such as luxuriant nuances of a deep red color palette, dressy brass ferrules, sinuous lines, delicate finishes, and tapered legs interact and perfect the final appeal.

A Twist of Exotic Wood Grain: Feel Inspired? 

Meet the Octans Collections—dining table and console table—paired with the Charleroi Dining Chairs. This harmonious pair creates an exotic, statement–making dining set, ideal for creating a luxuriously exotic wood grain scene. Dressing up the artisan–crafted pieces with the elegant tablescape, as seen in this picture, is the inspiration you need to welcome the year–end celebration. Are you ready to host a dinner party?


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