Candle Holder Onyx

Length: 8cm, Height: 8cm, Depth: 20cm
Estimated Time of Arrival 29 April 2024

Onyx Candle Holder

Featuring a minimalist style, not only is the Onxy Candle Holder a focal point for your table setup, but it is also a fancy centerpiece for a special celebration. Made from metal and finished in a fusion of matte black and gold tones, the Ony Candle Holder adds a touch of ageless minimalist charm to your interior decoration.


  • Type: Candle Stand
  • Style: Modern, minimalist
  • Shape: Taper
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color/Finish: Gold and matte black
  • Place of display: tables, consoles

Dimensions :

Length: 8cm
Height: 8cm
Depth: 20cm

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