Dining Table Orion

Length: 240cm, Width: 120cm, Height: 77cm
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Orion Dining Table

Featuring a hand–stained metal base in a lustrous lacquered gold hue and crowned with a sleek, rectangular oak–veneered tabletop, our Orion Dining Table seamlessly merges the timeless elegance of oak veneer with the modern allure of metal. The result is a minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly combines functionality and style.


  • The Orion Dining Table Collection features a rectangular oak–veneered tabletop.
  • The tabletop frames feature oak veneers and engineered wood, reinforced with bolts and dowel joinery for extra durability and stability.
  • The oak–veneered tabletop is hand–stained with a black sandblast finish.
  • The metal bases are crafted from aluminum rectangular tubes in a lacquered–gold finish for added protection and a lustrous sheen.
  • Nylon glides are fixed to the bases for easy moving around and preventing scratches on the floor.
  • The oak veneer thickness is 1.2 mm (0.047 inches).
  • The oak veneer thickness is 48 mm (1.89 inches).
  • The Orion 94.49ʺ (240cm) Long Dining Table weighs 72 kg (158.73 lb.).

Dimensions :

Length: 240cm
Width: 120cm
Height: 77cm

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