28cm Tall Vase Crystal

Diameter: 14cm, Height: 28cm
Estimated Time of Arrival 10 February 2024

Crystal 28cm Tall Vase

Calming in a semi-translucent sapphire green hue, Crystal vases features tall cylinder shapes, and their outer surfaces are etched with wave-like ridges, exuding a sense of groove and texture. Made from mouthblown crystal glass, the Crystal vases spark wonderful glows under the lighting. Sold in a set of three, the Crystal vases are perfect for serving as stand-alone art decorations or modern tabletop pieces.


  • Product Type : Table Vase
  • Vase Shape : Cylinder
  • Vase Texture : wave-like
  • Material : Crystal Glass
  • Material Finish : Etched
  • Color : Semi-translucent sapphire green
  • Mouth Blown : Yes
  • Watertight: Yes
  • Set Quantity : 3

Dimensions :

Diameter: 14cm
Height: 28cm

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